Qingdao Concrete Mixer Truck Co.,Ltd

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Qingdao Concrete Mixer Truck Co.,Ltd

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Qingdao Xinxing Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd(Qingdao Sisoul group).is located in Qingdao, the beautiful seashore holiday city of China. Since we were founded in 1993,we combine technical research,production,sales and international sales together and become a manufacture specializes in construction machinery.
"Quality to survive, rely on scientific and technological development “is our developing concept. We take the quality as a life of enterprise, and continuously promote technology innovation, besides, we successively making cooperation with Germany Company.
On the basis of specialization, we have developed eight series, hundreds of kinds of products including Concrete Mixer (Twin shaft mixer, Planetary mixer ,Small concrete mixer JZC350,JZC350B,JZR350),Concrete Batching Plant, Batching Machine PLD series, Dry Mortar Mixing Plant ,Concrete Pump HBT(S ) series and DHBT(S ) series, Concrete place boom ,Concrete pump truck and so on.
With more than 90 patents, advanced technology and good quality, the market share is always in the leading position in construction machine industry.Qingdao Concrete Mixer Truck Co.,Ltd

مشاركات: 10
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